Customs clearance service

Online with German Customs Offices via Atlas. Crossing borders in the framework of international flows of goods always needs dealing with Customs formalities.

We can offer you the complete range of Customs clearance, via land, water or air:

Electronic export declaration (Atlas)
Digital Customs Clearance (Atlas)
EU-Customs Clearance/Fiscal representation
certificate of origin
movement certificate (A.TR, EUR.1)
Consulate Processing
IHK (Chamber of Commerce) processing
Carnet ATA
Carnet TIR
T- shipping documents (NCTSze, NCTS)
Intra-community trade statistics
presentation of goods exempt (permitted recipient)
open customs warehouse
T2L for Community products

Applications for:
passive upgrading (PV)
returned goods (IMF3)

We help you planning and are pleased to fulfil all required services.

And always detailed consulting regarding all Customs matters!